Stuart Fogarty


Joined December 06, 2012

Brisbane, Australia

Began skateboarding in the year 2000. Heavily influenced by the amazing era of skateboarding going down at the time, friends and my oder brother Tim Fogarty I gradually began Skateboard Film making.

In 2008, I realeased my first street skateboarding film titled 'Along the Lines'. Along the Lines is a Brisbane based film starring many of the local talents throughout city. Filmed by the late and great Mitch Byrne & myself. Rest in Peace Mitch. Much Love. xx

This year in 2012, We released an Australian wide skateboarding film titled 'The Mobbn Deep Video'. Mobbn Deep has gained recognition and respect from skateboarders and film makers from across the globe, profoundly the Australian skate scene. The video stars such talents as Tommy Fynn, Alex Lawton, Adam Davies, Adam Dawes, George Newsholme and more great skateboarders from Aus.

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Stuart Fogarty.