Trevor Carlson "Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon" Shane Brown

Trevor Carlson is a good dude who is absolutley obsessed with skating!! Besides that, you usually can't get him to stop talking about coffee, the latest Nikes, or the newest shipment of Familia gear. In fact, he is a die hard Familia fanatic. A deep, deep love for the Fam runs through his veins!! Which probably has something to do with the legendary Dana Ross (guest skater), who took us under his street skate wings as soon as we were old enough to flee the coop!! As usual I need to give a major shout out to him for doing what he does. Dana is a motivator, encourager, organizer, and director. Thank you Dana for believing in us. You are the glue that holds the scene together. You really know how to make things happen!!

Once again we got Chin Hos supplying us with the smooth sounds. I really got to thank Chinny as well for all the time and dedication to music and skating. We couldn't do it without you Chinny!

and once again thank you to my friend, room mate, and long time skate pal Trevor for putting in work!! Lets keep it up!!

No soundtrack available.