‘unit g’ by noplayHRDWR dedicated to Crisis skateboards 8 years of service. Thank you Fuzz for everything you stand for. Core skateboarding is dead.

film/edit Colton Abernathy

Date Posted: September 05, 2018

Year Released: 2018

Skateboarders: rogelio nevarez matt candelaria

Locations: CO Denver

Producers: crisis skateboards

Editors: colton abernathy

Filmers: colton abernathy

Equipment: sony HI8 Mk1 VX1000

Categories: Short Film, Collaboration

Formats: SD, Analog, Film

♫ Matt & company: Fuazi - Closed Captioned DEMO ♫ Rogelio: Turnstile - keep it moving LIVE ♫ Ro&Matt closer: Boss Beats - Feel my pain INSTRUMENTAL