Glue Bag - Thai Diaries EP2 Kane Nugent
"Naughty Street Boys" is the second installment of Glue Bag Skateboards mini skate series around Asia.

This episode is all about street skating around Bangkok and features a bunch of local and foreign rippers - Oak Boonyarid Jantasri, Smit Buarupporn, Bert Ackley, Krige Venter, Siya Ntuli, Tyson Ltc, Samual Izac, Sam Uel, Kon Karne, Joshua Chisholm, Daryl Dominguez, Pieter Retief, Yid Napat, Waranunt Muneekornkul and Rainny Ltc

Stay tuned for future episodes!

Music - Joni Haastrup - Greetings
Fadoul aka Bob Fadoul - Fi Jamique
Donnie And Joe Emerson - Dont Fight

Filmed and edited by Kane Nugent.

♫ Track 1: Joni Haastrup - Greetings