The Cinematographer Project, World View (Kyle Camarillo x Brazil Section) TransWorld
Here's a minute of throwback clips from our 28th video, The Cinematographer Project, World View from Kyle Camarillo's #Brazil section. Wanna watch the full-length? It's still available on iTunes!

The Cinematographer Project, World View:
Some of the best filmmakers in skateboarding take an assorted cast of skaters around the globe to skate some of the most epic spots that have ever been seen. Featuring segments from Sour, Isle, PASS~PORT, Kyle Camarillo, and Patrik Wallner.

Download the full-length here:

Date Posted: March 12, 2018

Regions: South America, Brazil

Companies: TransWorld

Locations: Brazil

Editors: Kyle Camarillo

Filmers: Kyle Camarillo

More Tags: World View The Cinematographer Project

Categories: Montage, Street, Video Part

Formats: HD

No soundtrack available.