ELIN RAW TAPES: Episode 9 (Summer 2012) Theories of Atlantis
We're back for Raw Tapes Tuesdays, with a hefty helping of raw NY street footy from Jeremy Elkins archive. This week's episode features a solid offering of rad clips from an amazing line-up including Ryan Lay, Jason Spivey, Danny Falla, Leo Gutman, Aaron Herrington, Daniel Kim, Jimmy Macdonald and German Nieves.

Date Posted: February 07, 2018

Year Released: 2012

Regions: USA, USA East, NYC

Skateboarders: German Nieves Jimmy Macdonald Daniel Kim Aaron Herrington Leo Gutman Danny Falla Jason Spivey Ryan Lay

Companies: Theories of Atlantis

Locations: New York City

Editors: Jeremy Elkin

Filmers: Jeremy Elkin

Equipment: VX1000


Categories: Street, Extras / Offcuts, Raw Footage

Formats: SD

No soundtrack available.