MemoryScreen #9 Chaos MemoryScreen
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A retrospective video project
feat. all your favorite skaters
mixed to some classic skate tunes
Pure classics & rarities!

#8 Chaos

Who didn't get brainwashed by this song watching 411 video's?
Here's a little chaos section of some of my favorite skaters to start the year!

in order of appearance:
Keenan Milton
Jeremy Wray
Jerry Hsu
Josh Kalis
Anthony Pappalardo
Austyn Gillette
Eric Koston
Antwuan Dixon
Kenny Anderson
Brian Wenning
Bastien Salabanzi
Karl Watson
Chad TimTim
Brandon Biebel
Brandon Turner
Brent Atchley
Henry Sanchez
Lavar McBride
Cairo Foster
John Cardiel
Kareem Campbell
Cale Nuske
Gailea Momolu
Alex Carolino
Andrew Reynolds
Heath Kirchart
Mark Gonzales
Louie Barletta
Kevin Taylor
JB Gillet
Gino Iannucci
Jeremy Klein
Jerry Fowler
Jim Greco
Javier Sarmiento
Daewon Song
Geoff Rowley
Anthony van Engelen
Daniel Shimizu
Florentin Marfaing
Danny Garcia
Jason Dill
Dennis Busenitz
Keith Hufnagel
Julien Stranger
Joey Pepper
Guy Mariano
Danny Renaud
Darrel Stanton

For these remixes, I always use a song that I discovered through skateboarding. Maybe this one isn't very original, but who doesn't get hyped when this song comes up?

Sol - The Box Car

instagram: @memoryscreen

♫ Track 1: Sol - The Box Car