Sun Series by Evan Hecox | Crailtap Classic Crailtap
In celebration of the "Sun Series" Re-issue by Chocolate Skateboards, featuring original artwork by Evan Hecox, we visited his studio space in Denver to learn more about Evan's history with Chocolate and the story behind his classic "Sun Series".

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Filmed By:
Nick Zegel

Edited By:
John Marello

Date Posted: November 08, 2017

Year Released: 2017

Regions: USA, USA West

Companies: Chocolat Skateboards Crailtap

Locations: Colorado Denver

Editors: John Marello

Filmers: Nick Zegel

Artists: Evan Hecox

More Tags: Sun Series

Categories: Promo, Art & Design, Collaboration, Independent, Behind The Scenes

Formats: HD

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