Kodak | Girl Skateboards Co. - Super8 Short Film Crailtap
A collaboration between Kodak and The Girl Skateboard Co. celebrating skateboarding, Girl’s rich filmmaking history, and Kodak’s new Super8 camera.

The short film features the Girl Skateboards team on the road traveling from Seattle, Washington to San Francisco, California. Along the way they captured their adventures on the new Kodak Super8 camera. Featuring Andrew Brophy, Cory Kennedy, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Rick McCrank, Sean Malto, Simon Bannerot and Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco.

The collaboration includes an offering of skateboards, wheels, and printed apparel. The Kodak | Girl Skateboard Co. collection is now available finer skate shops world wide.


Filmed By:
Nick Green

Edited By:
Rye Beres

Original Score:
Josh Landau

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