Riddles in Mathematics, Bobby De Keyzer TransWorld
Bobby blew minds when his Riddles part dropped. So much consistency and control... and he's doing the hardest shit imaginable! He's a wizard on the board and this part is nothing short of amazing. Watch it and get stoked! And remember, Riddles is available on iTunes for only $8 bucks! Watch Bobby's part then cop the full-length.

Video by: Chris Thiessen


Date Posted: August 07, 2017

Year Released: 2017

Regions: Canada, Ontario, Europe, Spain, Barcelona

Skateboarders: Bobby De Keyzer

Companies: TransWorld

Locations: Barcelona Toronto

Editors: Chris Thiessen

Filmers: Chris Thiessen

Equipment: VX1000

More Tags: Riddles in Mathematics

Categories: Street, Video Part

Formats: SD

No soundtrack available.