Converse Cons Brazil Big Pool Day 2017 Converse
The first weekend in July, Converse Cons Brazil hosted the “Converse Big Pool Day” contest at the soon to be defunct Jequitibá Recreational Club swimming pool in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With cash on the line the best transition skaters came from all over South America and beyond for one last session at the legendary pool. When the dust settled it was 1 - Pedro Barros, 2- Luiz Francisco, 3 - Jhonny Gasparoto, 4- Otavio Neto, and 5- Kevin Kowalsky taking home the loot.

Date Posted: July 06, 2017

Year Released: 2017

Regions: South America, Brazil

Skateboarders: Kevin Kowalski Jhonny Gasparoto Otavio Neto Pedro Barros Luiz Francisco

Companies: Converse

Categories: Bowl / Pool

Formats: HD

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