Southbank Minute: Episode 9 - 'The Hated' by Marcus Adams. Long Live Southbank
Southbank Minute Series: Episode 9 - ‘’ from Marcus Adams featuring Doug Parmiter, Joel Banner, Will Stradling, Billy Bernard Baxter, Jeremy Jones, Dave Snaddon, Domas Glatkauskas, Marcus Adams and Chris Barrow.

Marcus' story: “It's hard to think of one favourite moment in particular, I just like the overall vibe of music, beers and skating there and how people push and encourage each other. Southbank means a lot to me and every skateboarder and outcast who chills there. I like to film Jeremy Jones the most, everything he does is effortlessly stylish and unpredictable at the same time, plus he's the homie so we drink a lot of Tyskies after the session. I just hope Southbank is left alone for the people who use and enjoy it. Shout out all the SB locals and artists that paint there.. you should follow @thehatedsinners ; they always have something covering the whole bank!"

Filmed and edited by Marcus Adams

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