Krooked X Slam City Zip Zinger & Zig Zagger Krooked Skateboards
Slam City Team Rider Blondey McCoy Zigs and Zags the streets of London on the new Slam City x Krooked Zig Zagger while Mark Gonzales listens to some good tunes.

Head to Slam City to check out the collab Zip Zinger, Zig Zagger, and Zinger wheels available exclusively at

Filmed & edited by Mark Jackson
Music by Kit MacArthur

Date Posted: May 19, 2017

Year Released: 2017

Skateboarders: Mark Gonzales Blondey McCoy

Companies: Deluxe Distribution DLXSF Krooked Skateboards

Skateshops: Slam City Skates

Editors: Mark Jackson

Filmers: Mark Jackson

More Tags: Zig Zagger Zip Zinger

Categories: Promo

Formats: HD

No soundtrack available.