We are excited to announce Jonathan Rentschler’s photo book “LOVE” now available for pre-order through Paradigm Publishing and a short film to promote the book documenting the last days of LOVE Park and the destruction of the plaza.

About the book

LOVE, follows the last generation of LOVE Park inhabitants, showing life as it was within this notorious urban plaza. Over a 3 year span, the images tell a story of a deep rooted community, existing in the shadow of a police state manipulated by a biased local city government. Ultimately becoming victim of urban revitalization, the park closed in February 2016 for a projected $16 million complete renovation. The diehard locals never leave, and continue to skate the plaza as it turns to rubble. In the end, LOVE is about loss.

About LOVE Park:

LOVE Park (1965-2016), also known as John F. Kennedy Plaza, was located in the center of Philadelphia. Architect Vincent Kling drafted the mid-century urban design, which was then implemented by city planner Edmund Bacon. Although it was not designed for skateboarding, the plaza was host to a wave of skateboarders who first discovered its granite expanses as early as the 1980s. It was raised to global renown in the late ’90s with a surge of media coverage. Today, LOVE Park is remembered as one of the foremost landmarks of street skateboarding.

Pre-Order the Book:

Paradigm Publishing:

Film & Photography:
Jonathan Rentschler

Edited by:
Nick Wnorowski

Zach Panebianco

Music: The Soft Moon - When It's Over

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Date Posted: April 28, 2017

Year Released: 2017

Regions: USA, USA East

Companies: Paradigm Publishing

Spots: LOVE Park

Locations: Philadelphia

Editors: Nick Wnorowski

Filmers: Jonathan Rentschler

Photographers: Jonathan Rentschler

Artists: Zach Panebianco

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Categories: Promo, Photography, Short Film, Art & Design

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