Southbank Minute: Episode 7 - ‘Third Eye of the City’ by Luka Pinto Long Live Southbank
Southbank Minute Series: Episode 7 - ‘Third Eye of the City’ from Luka Pinto featuring Lukas Kacevicius, Jasper Woolf, Glen Fox, Marcus Adams, Jeremy Jones, Reuben Dehaan, Ryan Gabison.

Luka’s story: “You know them nights that you stay up late and you keep thinking the sesh is over but then someone goes back in and everyone’s getting involved, I like them Southbank moments.

There's this thing in your brain called the Pineal Gland (also known as the third eye), it kicks in when you’re in complete darkness and makes you dream. It also has to do with your creative ideas and imagination, hence most of us being naturally creative as children and finding it harder and harder as we grow up eating more fast foods, drinking alcohol and generally not having enough time to engage with our own ideas with modern day life getting in the way. Southbank is like the pineal gland of the city, generating lots of creative ideas in skateboarding, graffiti, poetry and rap, dance and just generally connecting with other people. SB is also kicking it in complete darkness, at night, that’s when everyone lets loose. No tourists peering in on you like a zoo or people staring when you go a bit mental trying a trick or something, only encouragement from other skateboarders.

I love to film Jeremy Jones, he has been going to that place since fuck knows when, finding the most unusual ways to skate the banks. And I was also happy to experience the first time my friend Glen Fox came there, we filmed a lot of stuff but them 2 kickflips on the bank was the trick. I reckon after that a lot more people started doing the old 2 trick combos on the banks, inspirational mates.

I hope we can open up them walls and let the lads have it for the future. Shout out to all the homies at Southbank and everywhere and if anyone knows who that kid is who snapped his tail but still rode away from that inward heel in my SB Minute, please let him know that I got that clip!”.

Filmed and edited by Luka Pinto.

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Date Posted: April 22, 2017

Year Released: 2017

Regions: Europe, United Kingdom, London

Skateboarders: Ryan Gabison Reuben Dehaan Jeremy Jones Marcus Adams Glen Fox Jasper Woolf Lukas Kacevicius

Spots: Southbank

Locations: London

Editors: Luka Pinto

Filmers: Luka Pinto

More Tags: LLSB Southbank Minute

Categories: Montage, Street, Web Series, Community

Formats: SD

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