Southbank Minute: Episode 6 - ‘Quiet Nights’ by Finn Dove Long Live Southbank
Southbank Minute Series: Episode 6 - ‘Quiet Nights’ from Finn Dove featuring Verbz, Harry Turner, Ellis Doig, Max Critchlow, Jasper Woolf, Grant Dawson, Louis Woodhead.

Finn's story: “One of my favourite Southbank moments was taking our mates from Zaragoza, Spain to the infamous spot that they had seen in so many videos. It was like showing them a great cathedral! After they had a newfound appreciation for the locals and tricks that have gone down.

Southbank can be a challenge to skate and produces a lot of creativity in how people use the space. An example would be Woodhead - really fun to film at SB. He’s not your two ledge tricks in a row kind of dude. using the whole space, gliding around, I'm really hyped on the lines he puts together - good energy!

SB is a free space - rare to find in Central London, especially for skating. It's a perfect hub for skaters around the city to congregate at. I hope we get the old space back, it would have a huge effect on London skateboarding, with added room bringing together more scenes.

Long Live Southbank! In some distant future, Alien archeologists will be studying SB, trying to piece together what all the marks and scratches mean!”

Filmed and edited by Finn Dove.
Animated titles by Trav Wardle

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Date Posted: April 10, 2017

Year Released: 2017

Regions: Europe, United Kingdom, London

Skateboarders: Louis Woodhead Grant Dawson Jasper Woolf Max Critchlow Ellis Doig Harry Turner Verbz

Spots: Southbank

Locations: London

Editors: Finn Dove

Filmers: Finn Dove

Animators: Trav Wardle

More Tags: LLSB Southbank Minute

Categories: Montage, Street, Web Series

Formats: SD

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