Making It Happen Trailer TransWorld
If you're in NYC, come out to the premiere of this new video by Ricardo Napoli, Monday February 20.
8pm The Woods
48 S. 4th St.
Brooklyn, New York
Then stay tuned as it will drop on our site in March!

“Making It Happen” is a skateboarding video short inspired by New York City and the diverse mix of culture and talent the city gathers from around the globe.
Directed by Ricardo Napoli “Making It Happen” brings together a combination of different styles, personalities, and cultures from NYC's locals to it’s visitors worldwide from places including Florida, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Dominican Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa. Filmed exclusively in New York City.
New York City with bright eyes and open minds -
bringing their fresh perspective to the streets and writing a new chapter in a city of a million stories.
Rich with opportunity and diversity - New York has become a beacon for those in search of mastering their craft.
Skateboarders have been visiting for years in hopes of leaving their mark on the skyline.
We come to skate, push through traffic, discover new spots, build friendships, and become part of the streets.
Making It Happen” is dedicated to the pioneers, dreamers, and creative minds that make New York City the place it is today.
Thank You New York City, this is for you!!
Produced and Directed by Ricardo Napoli

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