Quim Cardona & Daniel Kim - Spirit Quest Colin Read
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Quim Cardona & Daniel Kim's sections from Spirit Quest. Guest appearances by Matt Field and John Francomacaro.

Filmed and edited by Colin Read.
Featuring music by Soon Ok Kim.

Date Posted: January 04, 2017

Year Released: 2016

Regions: USA, USA East, NYC

Skateboarders: Quim Cardona Daniel Kim Matt Field John Francomacaro

Locations: New York City

Directors: Colin Read

Editors: Colin Read

Filmers: Colin Read

Equipment: VX1000


Categories: Street, Video Part, Independent

Formats: SD

♫ Quim Cardona: Herbie Hancock - Sly ♫ Quim Cardona & Daniel Kim: Tony Grey Super - Yen Efe ♫ Daniel Kim: Soon Ok Kim - ?