Love Notes: Ep 5 Extra Rantings, Edgers and ATVs | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS Vans
In this episode we check in on edgers, all terrain rippers and the kids who are doing it their own way- and of course some more rantings and ramblings of an old man grasping at the walls of his sanity.

About Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding:
Legendary skateboarder, Jeff Grosso's Loveletters to Skateboarding. Jeff pays homage to some of the most influential people in skateboarding. Sit back and feel the love.

Date Posted: November 03, 2016

Year Released: 2016

Regions: USA, USA West

Skateboarders: Jeff Grosso

Companies: Vans

Producers: Six Stair

More Tags: Love Notes Loveletters to Skateboarding

Categories: Web Series, Interview

Formats: HD

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