JOURNAL x SLUG-BUG PRODUCTIONS The Skateboarder's Journal
A heavy line up of Australian names leads to some of the heaviest skateboarding in this montage filmed by Leigh Bolton and Edited by James James

Featuring Alex Lawton, Kurt Winter, Jake Darwen, George Simmonds, Jake Duncombe, Vyv Lyde, Ben Morice, Christian Low, Jake Hayes, Sammy Winter, Chima Ferguson, Cody Riley, Chris Vaughan, Nathan Jackson, Keanu Peina, Jack Crook, Justice Reid, Nick Boserio, Andrew Brophy, Jarod Bogunvich, Rashed Ateem, Shane O,neill, Tommy Fynn.

Additional filming by James James, Nathan Tonkin, Dave Hoang, Massimo Legittimo and Ryan Lee

No soundtrack available.