VASE TRAILER 2 Isle Skateboards
Vase, the first full-length video from Isle Skateboards, coming 2015. Featuring Nick Jensen, Tom Knox, Casper Brooker, Paul Shier, Jon Nguyen, Chris Jones and Sylvain Tognelli. Filmed and edited by Jacob Harris

Date Posted: December 22, 2015

Year Released: 2015

Regions: Europe, United Kingdom, London

Skateboarders: Nick Jensen Tom Knox Casper Brooker Paul Shier Jon Nguyen Chris Jones Sylvain Tognelli

Companies: Isle Skateboards

Editors: Jacob Harris

Filmers: Jacob Harris

Equipment: VX1000

More Tags: VASE

Categories: Street, Trailer, Promo

Formats: SD, Film

No soundtrack available.