Walker Ryan's "SABOTAGE4" Part SABOTAGE
Synthesize Walker’s skating with some lyrical G.A.M.E. from the Crestside and you have one helluva good video. Sick Wit Tis indeed.
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Date Posted: October 01, 2015

Year Released: 2015

Regions: USA, USA East

Skateboarders: Walker Ryan

Spots: LOVE Park

Editors: Brian Panebianco Ryan Higgins

Filmers: Brian Panebianco Ryan Higgins

Additional Filmers: Nick Wnorowski Vern Laird Eric Lesar Patrik Wallner Shane Darnell Richard Quintero

Equipment: VX1000

More Tags: SABOTAGE4

Categories: Street, Video Part

Formats: SD

♫ Track 1: Mac Mall - Sic Wit Tis