Sheckler Sessions - Sheck-less in Sydney - S4E2 Red Bull
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When visa issues ground Sheckler for a day, Torey and David land in Australia to hold down the fort until he arrives. Unfortunately, David has to play Hasselhoff and rescue Torey from the ocean, but they won't let a near-death experience slow their roll. Once Ryan arrives, it's game on, and they go to work on a road gap and huge bank-to-rail.

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Torey Pudwill
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David Reyes
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AWOLNATION – Jailbreak (Instrumental)

AWOLNATION – Hallow Moon (Bad Wolf) (Instrumental)

Chris Ballew – Los Angeles Machine Tan

Andrew Michael Britton; David Stephen Goldsmith – Black Out

Scott Aumann; Adam Zierten; Jason Peterson; Brent King – Bone Shaker

Michael Valentine – Mansion III

Ican Abraham – Tuolumne (Instrumental)

Adam Salkeld; Neil Pollard – Pulse Nation

Lincoln Grounds; Michael Pearse – Street Tough

Assaf Rinde; Ben Medcalf; Roscoe Williamson – Tough Rider

Chris Ballew – Los Angeles Machine Tan

Tom Merlin Sechi - Titanium


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Date Posted: September 08, 2015

Year Released: 2015

Regions: Australia

Skateboarders: Ryan Sheckler David Reyes Torey Pudwill

Companies: Red Bull

Locations: Australia

More Tags: Sheckler Sessions

Categories: Lifestyle, Street, Web Series

Formats: HD

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