GX1000: Habitat GX1000
Top notch skating from the Habitat team, mixed with a Mr Dibbs soundtrack and a GX twist. You gotta love it...

Date Posted: June 26, 2015

Year Released: 2015

Regions: USA

Skateboarders: Alex Davis Brian Delatorre Mark Suciu Kevin Lowry Silas Baxter-Neal Fred Gall Marius Syvanen Bobby de Keyzer

Companies: Habitat Skateboards Thrasher Magazine

Editors: Ryan Garshell

Filmers: Ryan Garshell

Additional Filmers: Brian Panebianco Kevin Winters

Equipment: VX1000

More Tags: GX1000

Categories: Street, Web Series, Collaboration

Formats: SD

♫ Track 1: Mr Dibbs - Multiple Tracks ♫ Track 2: Mr Dibbs - Omega Prophehcy