Olivier TAVU Ente - Bud Powell Part Magenta Skateboards
Our longtime friend TAVU has an amazing eye for spots & lines, and the style to match. He filmed this great section around his hometown of Lille, France for the release of his Guest Artist INFIDELS board:

The board graphic Tavu drew is based on the story of Francis Paudras and legendary Jazz musician Bud Powell’s friendship. A friendship that was born in Paris (1959) when Francis, a Jazz aficionado and great admirer of Bud’s work decided to help the pianist get out of his state of mental and physical anguish. He took it upon himself to look after him, in his own home, in order to get him composing again. The whole story is beautifully told in Francis Paudras’ Dance Of The Infidels, that later (1986) became the basis for the scenario of Bertrand Tavernier’s Round Midnight.

Filming: Fabien Ente

Date Posted: June 05, 2015

Year Released: 2015

Regions: Europe, France, Paris

Skateboarders: Olivier Tavu Ente

Companies: Magenta Skateboards

Locations: Paris France Lille

Filmers: Fabien Ente

Equipment: VX1000

More Tags: Bud Powell

Categories: Music, Street, Promo

Formats: SD

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