Video Check Out: Victor Aceves - TransWorld SKATEboarding TransWorld
Age: 16
Home: Northridge, California
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Emerica, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Val Surf
Am who should be pro: Aidan Campbell.
Video you can’t wait to see: Vans video.
Recommended follow on Instagram: @_tiannag.
Dream sponsor: Toy Machine.
Good advice: Keep skating.
Bad habit: Falling.
Things to do before you die: Skydiving.
Next trip: San Francisco.
His name is Bucky. He just goes for it! Rifles off every trick first go. You’ll be seeing more of him no doubt!—Tristan Funkhouser

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Date Posted: May 06, 2015

Year Released: 2015

Regions: USA, USA West

Skateboarders: Victor Aceves

Companies: TransWorld

Categories: Street, Video Part

Formats: SD

No soundtrack available.