Steph Morgan – This Time Tomorrow Chris Mulhern
Nearly 4 years in the making, "This Time Tomorrow" is a film themed around the transition from day to night. Almost 9 months were spent abroad, filming in such locales as London, Paris, Berlin, Lyon, Rome, Montreal, Trieste, Athens and Barcelona. Close to half the film was shot in London, where short days and long nights make the camera light a must. Time was also spent moving up and down the eastern seaboard, stopping in cities such as Boston, NYC, Washington DC and Miami. Even so, the majority of filming was done right here in Philadelphia, a city absent from many of today's video projects.

An independent film by Chris Mulhern.

♫ Track 1: Le Cirque - Land Of Oz ♫ Track 1: The Chocolate Watchband - Dark Side of the Mushroom