Caleb Ocasio "Old Dominion" Bust Crew
A Video By Will Rosenstock
Caleb Ocasio's part from Venue Skateboards "Old Dominion"

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Video Features: Gilbert Crockett, Josh Swyers, Jon Rowe, Ty Beall, Jordan Bradshaw and Caleb Ocasio

Guest appearance: Erich Bielefeldt

Song: Magnolia Electric Co. - Montgomery

Date Posted: July 03, 2014

Year Released: 2013

Regions: USA, USA East, USA South

Skateboarders: Caleb Ocasio Erich Bielefeldt

Skateshops: Venue Skateshop

Locations: Virginia

Editors: Will Rosenstock

Filmers: Will Rosenstock

Equipment: VX1000

More Tags: Old Dominion

Categories: Street, Video Part, Independent

Formats: SD

No soundtrack available.