Venue Skateboards Welcomes Jon Rowe in the "Old Dominion" Promo Bust Crew
This is a promo for the new Venue Skateboards video "Old Dominion" featuring newest team rider Jon Rowe. Full Length video to be completed in August '13 featuring FULL-LENGTH parts from Gilbert Crockett, Ty Beall, Josh Swyers, Ty Beall, Jon Rowe, Caleb Ocasio and Jordan Bradshaw

Filmed and Edited by Will Rosenstock
Additional Filming by Kevin O'Dell(TMKF) and Brent O'Donnell(Cellout)

Date Posted: June 12, 2014

Year Released: 2013

Regions: USA, USA East

Skateboarders: Jon Rowe Gilbert Crockett Ty Beall Josh Swyers Caleb Ocasio Jordan Bradshaw

Skateshops: Venue Skateshop

Editors: Will Rosenstock

Filmers: Will Rosenstock

Additional Filmers: Kevin O'Dell Brent O'Donnell

More Tags: Old Dominion

Categories: Street, Video Part, Welcome, Independent

Formats: SD

No soundtrack available.