Diving Into the Concrete Horizon (D.I.T.C.H.) Roger Skateboards
We spent five years and fifty-thousand dollars filming this monumental video. Seventeen different countries were visited and Bill Pierce nearly died from malaria. Twice. It was all worth it though. We present to you, Diving Into The Concrete Horizon: A Skateboard Video So Good You'll Probably Either Quit Skateboarding Or Start Skateboarding Again.

Rated R for Robocop.

Ryan Holloway, My Friend Brandon, Ryan Pearce, Zachary Blatt, Cesar Fernandez, Bill Pierce, Max Taylor and Nate LaCoste

Special Guest Appearances By:
Dharam Khalsa, Michael Sieben, and Kyle Estes

Date Posted: February 05, 2014

Year Released: 2013

Regions: USA

Skateboarders: Ryan Holloway My Friend Brandon Ryan Pearce Zachary Blatt Cesar Fernandez Bill Pierce Max Taylor Nate LaCoste

Companies: Roger Skateboards

More Tags: Ditch

Categories: Street, Promo

Formats: HD

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