Max Taylor : Roger of the Decade Roger Skateboards
Max Taylor. Mack Tyler. Mark Tazer. Monk Tanker. Mosh Trailer. More Taters. Make Trailers.

We hope you love Max as much as we do. If not, no big whoop. You're probably skating a Variflex deck anyway.

Filmed by Calvin Millar, Rob G, Phillip Leach, and Dieter Galvan
Edited by Dieter Galvan
Music: Emperor Penguin "Underwater Housekeeper"

Date Posted: February 05, 2014

Year Released: 2013

Regions: USA, USA Southwest

Skateboarders: Max Taylor

Companies: Roger Skateboards

Editors: Dieter Galvan

Filmers: Calvin Millar Rob G Phillip Leach Dieter Galvan

Categories: Street, Promo

Formats: HD

No soundtrack available.