LLSB - Delivering a Letter to Lambeth Long Live Southbank
On the 2nd January Long Live Southbank with hundreds of skateboarders made the 3 mile journey from the iconic Southbank skate spot to Lambeth Town Hall to hand-deliver a record-breaking 27,286 objections to the Southbank Centres controversial Festival Wing plans, in a bid to halt what has become the most unpopular planning application in UK history.

The day started with the eager and dedicated skaters of London's Southbank cleaning and sweeping the undercroft area, an area that appeared to have been neglected after successful New Year's Eve celebrations, in preparation for perhaps the most significant day in the campaign's history.

Cinematography: Thomas Davis
Edited by: Thomas Davis

Date Posted: January 16, 2014

Year Released: 2014

Regions: Europe, United Kingdom, London

Spots: Southbank

Locations: London

Producers: Long Live Southbank

Editors: Thomas Davis

Filmers: Thomas Davis

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Categories: Promo, Community

Formats: HD

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