Classic Tales Season 2 Trailer Vans OffTheWall.TV
Classic Tales Season Two debuts on OffTheWall.TV with more hilarious stories from the likes of Jason Dill, Anthony Van Engelen, Chris Nieratko, John Cardiel, Dennis McCoy, Robert Trujillo and Gavin McInnes. Don't miss the first six episodes of season two all available to view on November 11th! Music: "Sister Menthol" by Audacity

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Date Posted: November 12, 2013

Year Released: 2013

Regions: USA

Skateboarders: Jason Dill Anthony Van Engelen John Cardiel

Companies: Vans

Producers: Off The Wall TV

Directors: Jim Dirschberger

Artists: Jay Howell

Animators: Bryan Caselli

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Categories: Comedy, Trailer, Web Series, Animation, Interview, Behind The Scenes

Formats: HD

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