DEEP DISH Mark Dunning
Digital booklet with photos from the making of the video and from the premiere

Mark Dunning

DEEP DISH is a project that started in November 2012. Chicago is a city that is often overlooked in the skateboard industry. Which seems odd because it is a prime city for skateboarders. It’s the third largest city in the United States and celebrated for its architecture. There are tons of spots, and untouched spots, littered all throughout the city limits. The expansive downtown district of Chicago, known as the Loop, is predominantly a business district. At the end of the workday, everyone commutes out of the Loop and the entire district shuts down. This gives skateboarders almost free reign over many marble plazas and countless spots. Underneath the Loop is Lower Wacker, a series of underground streets that run the length of the downtown district. In those streets are an array of banks, ledges, stair sets, many pads, and unique spots. The best thing about these spots are they stay dry in the rain and warm in the winter, making street skateboarding possible all year long. Chicago skateboarding is timeless. Go out and do it.

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