Joe Castrucci "Portfolio" - Part 2 Chris Mulhern
Part 2 focuses on how Danny Renaud came to ride for Habitat, as well as how the brand refined it's image over the years. Joe discusses the "Inhabitants" video, and why he still prefers living/working in Cincinnati to this day. A montage featuring new footage from Mark Suciu, Daryl Angel, Stefan Janoski, Brian Delatorre, Alex Davis, Marius Syvanen and Silas Baxter-Neal is included at the end.

I spent 3 days in Cincinnati filming with Joe and Brennan Conroy, chronicling Habitat's history and visiting some of the notorious Ohio spots from past Workshop productions. I drove back to Philadelphia with hundreds of Alien/Habitat DV tapes, as well as 12,000 feet of 16mm film dating back to the late 90′s. All the film was scanned in HD, and every DV tape was logged, start to finish. After nearly 4 months of editing, I present you with this two part documentary on Joe Castrucci and the deep heritage behind Habitat skateboards. Please watch part 1 as well...

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