Pusher Nights Commercial Chris Mulhern
A montage filmed over the course of several nights while pushing around the city of Philadelphia. Starring Brian Douglas, with appearances by Jimmy McDonald, Pat Heid, Jon Rentschler, Brian Panebianco and Jimmy Carr.

Date Posted: July 12, 2013

Year Released: 2010

Regions: USA, USA East

Skateboarders: Jimmy McDonald Pat Heid Jon Rentschler Brian Panebianco Jimmy Carr

Companies: Pusher Wheels

Locations: Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Producers: Chronicles of Hern

Directors: Chris Mulhern

Editors: Chris Mulhern

Filmers: Chris Mulhern

Equipment: Canon 5D

More Tags: This Time Tomorrow

Categories: Street, Promo, Commercial, Night

Formats: HD

No soundtrack available.