LEAVE IT OUT! Philip Evans
This is a short edit that I shot last year on a trip through Slovenia and Sweden while promoting Format Perspective. There was no major agenda or filming missions ever arranged, I was just shooting people as they skated as I travelling through, experimenting with Super 8, HD and a little illustration.

The edit features Emma Lindgren, Craig "Questions" Scott, Jake Snelling, Oliver Schonqvist & David Stenstrom.

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Date Posted: June 03, 2013

Year Released: 2012

Regions: Europe, Sweden

Skateboarders: Emma Lindgren Craig Scott Jake Snelling Oliver Schonqvist David Stenstrom

Locations: Slovenia Sweden Malmo

Directors: Philip Evans

Editors: Philip Evans

Filmers: Philip Evans

More Tags: Format perspective

Categories: Experimental, Film, Montage, Promo, Independent

Formats: HD, Film

No soundtrack available.