GX1000 #2 GX1000
Featuring Yonnie Cruz, Ben Gore, Brian Delatorre, Tony Manfre, Chris Jata, Jeremy Reeves, Andy Sisomboune, and James Coleman.

Date Posted: March 04, 2013

Year Released: 2012

Regions: USA, USA West, SF

Skateboarders: Yonnie Cruz Ben Gore Brian Delatorre Tony Manfre Chris Jata Jeremy Reeves Andy Sisomboune James Coleman

Companies: SLAP Magazine

Locations: San Francisco

Directors: Ryan Garshell

Editors: Ryan Garshell

Filmers: Ryan Garshell

Equipment: VX1000

More Tags: GX1000

Categories: Montage, Street, Web Series, Independent

Formats: SD

♫ Track 1: Snoop Doggy Dogg - The Shiznit