Quimtime Open Mic Theories of Atlantis
Quim Cardona hit me up the other night at the last minute before he went on stage for an open-mic event at The Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. And Joel Meinholz and I rushed over from a skate session downtown to check it out. The event called 'The Coffee Grind' is a weekly occurrence every Thursday and is put on by MC "Creature". The talent was across the board but the room was filled with skilled artists and a supportive crowd. Quimtime rocked the mic with a short rhyme set to a beat he collaborated on with the great Paulo Diaz. Quim has been holding it down on the skateboard and the mic for over 2 decades. Check out his short performance.

Date Posted: February 15, 2013

Year Released: 2012

Regions: USA, USA East, NYC

Skateboarders: Quim Cardona

Locations: The Bowery Poetry Club New York City

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Categories: Lifestyle, Music

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