Nike SB Go's To Europe Nike SB
My first Nike trip, with Justin Brock, Grant Taylor, David Clark, & Daryl Angle. It was my first time meeting most of these guy's, and our first trip to start working on Nike's new am video out in mid April.

Thanks to all our tour guides, and people we met along the way who helped us get from spot to spot, taking us to eat good food/bars/should us a good time. We all appreciated it, Thank you very much
Jason Hernandez


1st. song: Darker My Love (Waves)
2nd. song: Boat (Come with me, We'll win)

Date Posted: July 14, 2011

Year Released: 2008

Regions: Europe

Skateboarders: Justin Brock Grant Taylor David Clark Daryl Angle

Companies: Nike SB

Locations: Germany Helsinki Amsterdam

Equipment: HVX200 Eazy Dolly Extreme Fisheye

Categories: Montage, Road Trip

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