Skate & Create - Globe Jason Hernandez
A 9 day contest put on by Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. You had 9 day's to skate the same obstacles 4 teams skated, you could bring any sort of props you could fit in the door (but you can't skate you props)
You can go through, over, under, but you can't skate them.
You could paint the ramps, possibly even cut the ramps?
Then your judged by the staff at TWS on first: Photos, then the video produced... Sorry to all the skaters I felt bad making you wait around all day/night just to get (a trick) shot, I think it was worth it.
Thanks to Joe. G at Globe, Globe for asking me to do it, and to all the skaters it was a pledger to work with you guy's.
Watch and Enjoy.
Jason Hernandez

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